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Silver Sunrise Shell Coral Branch Cuff

Silver Sunrise Shell Coral Branch Cuff

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Perfect for the ocean lover, this cuff features a genuine Hawaiian sunrise shell and a complimentary handcrafted coral branch band. Every element of the cuff has been hand crafted.

The model has a 6” wrist. The cuff will comfortably fit a 6” wrist to a 7” wrist.

To put the cuff on, slip your wrist side ways into the space between the sunrise shell and coral branch. Once on your wrist it can be adjusted to fit tighter or looser. Don’t try to put the cuff on by slipping it over your hand like a bangle, as it most likely won’t fit that way.

The shell is set in .999 fine silver with a sterling silver handcrafted coral branch band.

Sunrise shells are endemic to Hawaii, meaning they are only found in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian islands. Each shell is totally unique and so the setting has been made to fit this particular shell.


-14k gold fill

-Sterling Silver

Care Instructions

Your jewelry is safe to wear in the ocean. However, best jewelry practice is to take your pieces off before you go in the water.

If you do wear your jewelry in the ocean, be sure to rinse it off with fresh water afterwards.

When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place.

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